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#fuckcispeople offensive?

just read a post from a blogger i follow. it definitely bears reading if you are a parent, partner or supporter of trans-rights and an end to the domination of society by those who make no room for those who are ‘other than’.

then i went to twitter to read the #fuckcispeople hashtag timeline. and left a tweet of my own.

i refuse to entertain the notion that it is wrong to have this hashtag, wrong for people to weigh in on an issue that is divisive. it is this very divisiveness that evidences the root cause of the evil wrought by a cis-normative dialogue that allows scant room for discussion.

my daughter is only 10 and because she is transgender, altho she is homeschooled and largely shielded by from the haters in our society, she has already suffered because of the cis-normative mindset that dominates every aspect of the world she will one day be facing alone.

recent court battles have been won that allow for transgender kids to be afforded the dignity of using restrooms in their school which align with their identity. from the uproar this caused you’d have thought that satan himself had birthed these children.

THIS is the evil that an honest and ‘no-holds barred’ dialogue, no matter how provocative the incitement, seeks to address. this demonising of even children who don’t toe the line. this arrogant, bigoted, absolutely horrible belief that it is okay for cis-folk to declare what is right, what is ‘normal’ and what is clearly unacceptable or only marginally allowed.

how fucking dare these medieval minded zealots victimise anyone? where do they get off? who the fuck died and made them god!

the answer to the last question is simple. NO ONE HAD TO! no one had to die and make them god because the whole of society has declared their opinion to be the majority, their reality to be the only true one, their judgments to be justified.

my daughter is so very negatively impacted by her body having ‘boy parts’ that she can’t bathe without copious bubbles in the tub, can’t bear to see the parts that make her ‘not a real girl’ to the point that she has to have me ‘dab’ the penis after she urinates, because she can’t bear to see much less touch that ‘member’. and yet the folk up in arms over whether or not children have the right to use the gender identified appropriate bathroom would have the world believe that little boys will be ‘flashing’ their stuff to ‘honest-to-god’ little girls in school restrooms.

so #fuckcispeople for projecting their own perverted and wicked inner demons on our beautiful and innocent children!

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Twenty-One questions on trans issues answered

this site is one i frequent.

as the supportive parent of a transgender daughter it has informative views from within the trans-community.

anyone who is interested in being an advocate of equality should seek avail themselves of accessing viewpoints of those within the various still oppressed communities. rather than those of ‘gatekeepers’.

this is such a place and this post in particular is a great place to start.


Twenty-One questions on trans issues answered.

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100 amazing trans-americans you should know

this is a link to a buzzfeed story that is amazing in and of itself not only for helping us to be aware of the 100 people, but also for the links to various organisations, websites, blogs etc that are included in the article…so happy to pass this along

100 amazing trans-americans you should know

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it comes to this!

so much has been in recent media, both t.v. and written journals, here and abroad, about transgender issues. for the most part i try to focus on the positives, the progress made, the greater understanding because of exposure, the protections being finally fought for the whole of the transgender/transsexual community and the recognition of the needs exclusive to them ~ medical, societal and otherwise. i tend to be a ‘cup half-ful’ kind of person anyway.

so when the burchills of this world begin with their vapid and hateful tirades against transgender folk i don’t let it rile me to any greater extant than i allow my blatantly racist and idiotic uncle’s remarks about blacks and other people of color. it just isn’t worth ruining my day over their bullshit. but whereas my uncle only sends out emails to folk who either manage to overlook his idiocy because of a blood relationship (i just delete anything with his address on it) or the few throwbacks of that dying (thank gods) breed that actually share his views he is only able to reach a few, but the burchills and rush limbaughs of this world have a much broader platform. and yes, i did just equate judy burchill with rush.

i let the whole media furor in and out of my thoughts chalking it all up as similar to dyed-in-the-wool white -hooded KKK hangers-on who should really have already been relegated to the distant past of a misguided society. i understood that ms. burchill would almost surely never so vehemently attack jewish or black people to attempt a defense of another writer who had come under scrutiny for their remarks the way she did in defending suzanne moore. what i didn’t and still don’t understand is how she could possible justify her ranting hate-speech against transgender people.

but of course, as with many radical feminists (not all though) she obviously considers transgender women as not women at all. and as is the case in any oppression, the first step is to deny the group in question their goddess-given personhood.

suzanne moore’s observance of the ridiculous standard of beauty foisted upon women by the lecherous patriarchal society is of course spot on. but to single out a group of people as exemplifying the fake ideal was wrong. brazilian transsexuals are people…real people. and as women they are just as oppressed and suffer the same imposed standards as any other woman.

so, that furor has come and largely gone…tho not in my mind or the thoughts of others who were rightly offended by burchill’s remarks. now there is a new and even more outrageous reminder of closed-mindedness and outright oppression in the news. and it aims even lower…pardon the pun…as it seeks to bring back the same sort of pre-civil rights era segregation of transgender/transsexual folk: requiring them to show i.d. before being allowed to (wait for it) PEE!

what the fucking hell?

passing laws that actually make segregation of a whole community of people not only easier, but legal? sometimes i am certain that our evolution as a species is questionable. outside of lemmings, what other creatures on this planet seem to go out of the way to ensure their own demise? and isn’t that what we are doing when we legislate against a whole group of humans simply because we don’t like them? white people used to think it was fine to do this to black folk of course, along with any other people whose skin was darker than their own. straight folk think it’s quite alright to allow legislation against gay folk too, denying them the right to marry, serve their country without hiding who they are. but now! really?
it’s come to this?!!

despite anyone’s notions to the contrary, my daughter is and has always been a girl. she lives her life as a girl, she suffers being bullied by ignorant boy children because she is a girl. and like the older girls in our society, she will likely earn less, be scrutinised more closely and oppressed in precisely the same way as is common in our patriarchal world, regardless of her having been born with male genitalia.

so how dare anyone make laws that hinder equality and legalise oppression, against this or any other group of people whose only crime is that they are different? and really! bathroom privilege? what’s next? separate water fountains!!!


a heartfelt wish

i was cruising around my twitter time-line this morning and came across this article from huffington post.

i’ll give you a moment to go read it….

…… now, isn’t this one of the most heartfelt and sincere things you’ve ever read?…

my beautiful transgender daughter doesn’t know many of these pains and frustrations. for reasons quite other than her gender issues, we homeschool. ziona doesn’t have to worry that a kid will tease her, that a teacher wont stand up for her, that she wont be allowed to use the girl’s restroom. but such things are common obstacles that most transgender children must face.

this eloquently stated ‘bill of rights’ from the heart of an 11 year old girl didn’t stop at the problems persons of her own age group face, but aptly identified discriminations faced by trans-folk of all ages. who can argue the simple logic that transgender people are entitled to the same respect and freedoms as anyone else.

altho president obama did at least speak of the lgbt community, it will take more than a mere mention of the fact that equality must include progress in the area of non-discrimination of people over sexual preference or gender identity. it will necessarily take the same sort of plain spoken truth as found in this girl’s letter. it will require of those in positions of power to extend more than lip service to the ideal. bold actions must meet the spectre of resistance on the path to true equality.

this girl, and others like her, have the future as their reality. those of us from whom they will inherit tomorrow, must be brave and insightful so that we might leave to them a world that includes them, no matter what!


cylon ‘skin-jobs’ and rights of personhood

a while back a sci-fi series called ‘caprica’ aired. i followed it religiously well before i had seen even one ‘battlestar galactica’. being a big science fiction fan it is strange that i’d never bothered to watch ‘bsg’ but perhaps the word ‘battle’ in the title was enough to put me off.

‘caprica’ came, then went the way of many shows i’ve liked. it was discontinued. since the action in caprica occurs well before the ‘galactica’, about 60 years, no mention is made to ‘battlestar galactica’. then an acquaintance from a book club i belonged mentioned ‘battlestar galactica” after i used and explicative i’d learned from ‘caprica…(it was ‘fracking’ and has nothing to do with natural gas)

so i’ve been watching “battlestar galactica”.

for those who haven’t ever seen the series, cylons are robots with artificial intelligence. they became ‘self-aware’ and eventually were able to synthesize human bodies to house their consciousness, but flesh and blood bodies are easily injured and damaged to the point of non-functioning state. for this reason, they have ‘resurrection’ bodies just like the one that ‘died’ into which to upload their consciousness. there are 12 different cylon ‘human-like’ models. ‘skin-job’ is a derogatory slur used by humans when referring to these beings. altho even worse ones are often used.

for the most part, human beings and cylon humans are at war. but the loathing that humans feel for them seems to go deeper than just their dark, mutual history, a history from which it could be argued that cylons, subsequent to their creation having been enslaved and oppressed by humans have the more justifiable position.

when humans finally learn that some cylons have human bodies, can reason and communicate, feel pain and emotions, have memories, a sense of right and wrong, this does nothing to change the prejudice. instead they loathe them all the more vehemently, and fear them. but because the cylon models are indistinguishable from humans, some people fall in love with them without realising that they’ve been intimate with a ‘skin job’. and at least one such relationship resulted in the cylon model becoming pregnant and giving birth to a baby.

humans do not allow personhood to cylon “skin-jobs”. they are considered machines, despite the fact that they are flesh and blood, have memories, emotions.

being a poet, primarily, and thus wont to see analogies and metaphor, i began to see a commonality shared by trans-women and human-form cylons. that being, no matter how hard either may try, they will not be granted personhood. a cylon, despite fighting side by side for the humans with whom they live, are still viewed as ‘less than’, or ‘other than’ human. the trans-women, despite being relegated to a place lower than cis-women in society, despite going to much trouble to be women, despite having the same emotions, pain, as their sisters are denied womanhood.

so i say to my cis-sisters: “we are not now, nor have we ever been at war with, or attacked by transgender women. they share the plight women share and suffer things we will (thankfully) never know! how can we deny them personhood?, womenhood?!”

my daughter is not a cylon. she will not be resurrected into another body. but she is also NOT a male! she is a beautiful transgender and affirmed female. one who has, since she was 3 years old, been a real girl, despite the body she into which she was “uploaded”. one who has already suffered discrimination for being a girl, when she could have told the bully “i am not just a ‘stupid girl’!”. she will earn the same amount less than a man that any other woman will. she will be even more likely to be raped or abused than any other woman. so how dare you? my sisters. how dare you deny her the womanhood into which you were entitled by mere accident of birth?!


radical history of transgenderism…reblogged from natalie reed

it is very important to remember the history of a struggle for rights and freedoms. to that end this is an elegant and wonderful reminder of the path of liberation for transgender (and other) people. after all, none of us is free ’til all of us are free.

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reblogged from Natalie Reed: 5 ways cis-feminists can help build trans-inclusivity

another excellent read…with insights to spread about freely in order to broaden awareness of how to benefit folk in the transgender community.

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Trans delegates representing us at the 2012 DNC

such a beautiful sight!

as parent to a transgender child seeing this assures me that the legitimacy of personhood for trans-folk is truly coming of age…maybe i don’t have so much to fear for my daughter’s future after all!

Trans delegates representing us at the 2012 DNC.