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a familiar story

as any readers of my blog know, the process of zion becoming ziona was very similar…without the public school experiences… please enjoy reading this family’s story…

and don’t forget to watch on june 30th!

the more that people understand our transgender kids, the easier their childhoods and journey to adulthood will be…and kids that aren’t traumatised make for healthier grown-ups!


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potty minded: fear-mongering and loathing in the mainstream media


i almost don’t know where to start with this p.o.s.  i found on line a few days ago.

the first sentence in the article reveals the mindset of the author and the ignorance about to be experienced.

“As transvestites get an upgrade to ‘transgender’, the storm of gender politics is becoming more and more visible in American life – and LGBT activists seem to be targeting a much younger audience these days.”

as you might guess, the article doesn’t get any more enlightened from there.  for example, there’s this gem of idiocy >

“…children are being pulled in between the gears of an adult political machine.”

yes, because obviously it is every parents biggest hope to offer their child up as sacrifice to the  latest  ‘flavor of the day’  off-beat political agenda!  as the article suggests with this peach of a statement that calls the movements and bills being passed that seek to assure safety and basic human rights to our children:

“part of the new extremist liberal social engineering agenda”

which goes on to state that

“We’re told that it’s all about catering to the ‘unique problems of young transgender people in America’, only children do not manifest these kind of social agendas, but adults do”

there is so much wrong in this article…just in this last quote, that it is hard to know where to begin!

but the first question that comes to my mind is, why is the dominant culture’s insistence upon strict gender roles within an even more strict binary paradigm never called out? why is it assumed that this is natural and the only way?  why aren’t attempts to nudge children into ‘appropriate’  boxes deemed the propaganda and social engineering they most certainly are?

instead our children’s knowledge of who they are is called a fantasy,  and the adults who believe in them are merely deluded or  worse, willing to feed them as fodder for the latest whim of dangerous subcultures.

of course the article overlooks the dominant culture’s  ‘sexualisation’ of children via every medium in society,  instead insisting that those who support children’s need to be who they truly are is akin to ‘sexual predation’  equating the movements to recognise transgender kid’s rights to laws that seek to lower the age of consent for sexual congress.

“…the overt sexual politicization of children is something else altogether. To the casual observer, this seemingly innocuous adult sexual and gender agenda appears to be focused only on promoting ’alternative lifestyles’, but there exists a much more extremist circle within this broader international movement who are actively campaigning to lower the age of sexual consent – earmarking children as young as 12 as potential sexual targets. A minority of adults are literally dragging our children by the hair into this twisted hall of mirrors.”

with articles like this floating around, is it any wonder that loving parents are often scared to death and afraid to listen when their kids come to them about their gender fluidity or identity?

as a mother of a transgender 11 year-old child,  i realise that it is parents and schools that are often the  “first contact” … the ones who must become educated as to what is real and what is hype, or out and out media distortion as regards our kids.  there are many studies that one can reference in attempting to enlighten one’s self or others who will be involved in the lives of our children.

it’s a shame that so much of any media attention given the issue of transgender persons, either adult or children, tends to focus on genitalia and bathrooms.

what a potty minded society!

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3-year-old trans kid wonders when she will get her ‘girl parts’

so like our own story! ziona certainly feels the same as does coy about the long wait to have the right parts.

in a way it is helpful for her to know that there are other little girls that know the various pains and sorrows she herself must go through.  people like the mathis family and jazz’s family willing to put their story up for public scrutiny does much more than just educate a reluctant society…it lets other kids understand that they are not alone.

because no matter how much i support my daughter…no matter how deeply i love her,  i can never fully comprehend what life is like for her.

but coy can



3-year-old trans kid wonders when she will get her ‘girl parts’.

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good news

about a year ago, ziona’s pediatrician seemed to be ‘back-stepping’ on support of the process that would move her toward a full transition. already the doctor knew ziona had been stating her identity since age 3 1/2 because she’s been going to this same doctor since she was 3 years old.

dr. z is a wonderful person and i’m really glad we found her, but she was just a bit daunted by the whole process and was fearful of being part of the ‘team’ as far as ziona’s transition needs were concerned.

flash forward to today.

we went into the office for a soar throat ziona had been experiencing…she was fine…but on the way out of the exam room, dr.z stopped me to talk about how much more is being said about transgender kids these days. she mentioned having seen the update barbara walters did recently about jazz, a young girl i first became aware of six months after ziona had told me that she really wasn’t a boy. i told dr. z that it was the first interview with barbara walters that jazz did back in 2007 which had led me to understand that children like ziona exist.

after mentioning a few other recent programmes about transgender kids, dr.z actually proposed to participate in whatever way she could with ziona’s team at the ucsf child and adolescent gender clinic, including doing the very blood draws to monitor rising testosterone levels that she had refused to do just one year ago.

the really good news in all of this is that i feel less alone. the even better news is that ziona’s primary care physician will be on board. but the best news of all is that the mainstream media is beginning to reach into people’s livingrooms to change perceptions about the issue of transgender children.

on a chat forum to which i used to belong, a recent thread had been about whether or not it is right to out someone as transgender. of course, no one thinks that it is their place to do so…but within that thread were some posts about whether it is presumptuous of parents to ‘go public’ about their transgender chldren. whether it is harmful for the child’s future or even present, given the fact that society hasn’t really warmed up to the facts surrounding this, and tend to ostracise those who are different.

i am so thankful for those parents who have allowed their lives to be a way to chink the armour. because of them, a previously reticent physician who sees to my daughter’s health needs is now supportive and willing to be a part of what is most important to my daughter…her physical transition to the girl she already is.

having been long a part of the gay community, i know that being proud and unashamed of who we are goes a long way toward acceptance. being openly ourselves informs society in a way that would not happen did we remain closeted or cloaked.

that being said, it is still everyone’s sovereign right to be out or not.

i’m just glad there are those who are brave enough to be part of the very beginnings of changing societal opinions..

and this show with katie couric is one of the best i have seen.

so enjoy..’