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so glad we have people like chaz, and of course jazz, helping to keep transgender issues in the news. eventually, albeit slow in coming, the closed minded ones will have to drop their fists and learn to embrace diversity


THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — While a boycott call for a TV show with trans advocate Chaz Bono guest starring may be frustrating for him, I suggest that in this instance, Bono just consider it a badge of honor.

Very few members of anti-trans organization Florida Family Association (FFA) are likely to be a target of advertisers of “Degrassi” and it’s unlikely the FFA can reach people other than those who share the same so-called “family values” nonsense. Indeed, what I see here is FFA trying to capitalize on Bono’s name to draw attention to themselves and their misguided causes and hopefully raise a few bucks along the way.

Bono just being himself and being part of the show brings more good will and positive attention to transgender people than what can be undone by anti-trans organizations like the FFA.

But Bono is right about one thing — the…

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