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now we see the Real Roseanne Barr!


i don’t know why she felt it was her place to weigh in on any trans-related issues, but roseanne barr failed in a big way.

read this and try not to retch and scream “off with her head!”

perhaps the most offensive part of the article is the very end where roseanne seems to equate transgender people with pedophiles (NAMBLA).

i was going to seriously vote for this woman. she had a great running mate and a solid platform, at least what i knew of it. but oh, thank god for twitter!

now we see the real Roseanne Barr.

unfollowed her on twitter immediately. no one needs a time-line full of that trans-phobic rant!

7 thoughts on “now we see the Real Roseanne Barr!

  1. I never cared for the woman as an “actress” or a “comedian” and I like her less and less every time she opens her mouth. Oh, and just what does she have to offer to the conversation in the first place? It’s not as if she has any credentials when it comes to Trans* issues or politics. And just being a lesbian doen’t mean your automatically qualified to speak for anyone.

    • she’s certainly had more (penises) shoved in her face than she’d like to admit! she reminds me of the women in the womyn’s movement who wouldn’t date me because i admit to being bi-sexual…regardless that i maintained serial monogamy and none of them would be asked to share bed with a man and me.
      by accident of birth my daughter was born with the wrong parts, and by accident of birth roseanne was born a woman.
      how dare she deny personhood and self-definition to anyone! right?

  2. Yeah this was so, so disappointing. Sometimes the ignorance comes from where we least expect it, i guess. Are you familiar with Rocky Anderson?

    • no, i haven’t heard of rocky anderson…should i google?

      • I think you’d like him! I get the idea from your twitter posts that you are not voting for Obama (or Romney, obviously). So, if you are looking for a third party candidate and he’s on the ballot in your state (and in some states he’s a write-in), he might be the perfect one for you. I admit it was difficult for me to accept the fact that i actually liked a white hetero male baby boomer but HEY, this is all about learning to let go of stereotypes, right?

        I first found him by taking the quiz at and he & Jill Stein were my two high scorers by far. So i looked into who he was since i’d never heard of him or the Justice Party, and his record impressed me. Here’s his wiki page: When i read about the types of clients he represented as an attorney, and his record as mayor of Salt Lake City, and even the stuff labelled as “controversies”, i thought: this the kind of person we need as President.

        Then i watched the third party debate on C-Span, still kind-of favoring Jill Stein, and he totally won me over. Especially when, at the close, each candidate was asked if they could add one amendment to the constitution what it would be. His response was the Equal Rights Amendment, expanded to include protections for LGBT individuals, and he distinctly mentioned sexual orientation and gender identity as separate issues.

        I know i sound like a cheerleader! I actually live in a swing state where the voting is neck-and-neck between Obama/Romney, and Rocky Anderson is a write-in here. I think Obama won here in ’08 by something like 500ish votes. I’m going to vote for Obama just out of fear that if i don’t, Romney may win the state and the country, and that is a horrifying thought. I hope Anderson runs again.

      • thanks for the suggestion…i’m about to the point of simply writing in “my mom”

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