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reblog: roseanne barr controversy, with link to j. skyler article


7 thoughts on “reblog: roseanne barr controversy, with link to j. skyler article

  1. I read both articles and I have to say J. Skyler did an excellent job of rebutting Barr. On the other hand, Barr’s “apology” came across as anything but. From other articles I have read, she is still getting the original story wrong and what’s more, she is claiming victimhood for being called to task for her incorrect, spiteful remarks.
    Do I think she responded out of anger? Yes. Do I think some of the responses to her original post were out of line? Yes. However, this does not excuse her behavior nor her continued misstating of what happened.
    I didn’t know she was attempting to become a write in candidate in next weeks election, but after this, even if she were the only person on the ballot, I would cast my vote for “Other”. We simply do not need second rate political wanna be’s in a position to determine the fate of the Trans* community.

    • yes, she does continue to get the story wrong. and her original twitter comments were in response to a disparaging of the green party candidate, jill stein, who was ‘accused’ of being pro-transwomen in women’s spaces.
      her apology wasn’t one, as far as i can tell. she was merely making excuses for herself. my daughter deserves a better tomorrow than one that has people saying things like ‘we don’t want your penises in our faces. respect the FACT’ which were the words she used. trans-women don’t need someone who would equate them with pedophiles, which she did when she spouted her lgbt friendliness and how it included making the ‘community’ rethink their position on NAMBLA, meaning she thought her defense of only women born women in women’s spaces was of the same ilk.
      i politely ripped her for this, without disparaging her. and tweeted to her that she ‘likes penises more than my daughter ever will’
      according to her way of thought, and in her words “if she has a penis she can’t come in” a woman is defined by not having one. many transwomen don’t anymore having been able to get gender reassignment surgery, but some don’t have the means to get this surgery, or like my daughter, are too young for it.
      i tweeted her “you would have my beautiful daughter peeing with men?”
      i was gonna vote for her…not anymore!
      nor will anything she claims to stand for have as much validity. as i tweeted @theRealRosanne #fail

      • Having had a chance to sleep on this for a bit, I realize what bothered me about her “apology” was that she has the same views as many cis people that biological sex determines gender… penis = male… and in the end nothing else matters.
        As long as she holds this view, she will never be a friend or ally not matter how she tries to spin things.

        I haven’t really followed her stance on LGB issues, but she clearly has no place speaking about anything dealing with being Transgender until she is willing to educate herself.

      • agree that she seems to equate body parts with gender..
        think that most cis women have no right to speak to trans-issues…
        unless, like me, they are supportively advocating for their transgender child…
        other than that, transgender adults don’t need a ‘gate-keeper’ or other ‘mouth-piece’ pretending to speak for them.

      • I agree. I’m a big girl and can speak for myself. With friends like her, who needs enemies?

  2. Reblogged this on Miguel's Favourite Things and commented:
    I think this woman is mad…

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